Saturday, August 16, 2008

My New Office

By Keith Fisher

What do you think of my new office? I found this picture on the internet, and I fell in love—I must have it. Of course I’d get different furniture. I’d keep the desk, however, since it’s over 128-years old. I’d restore the hardwood floors, because the new owner had them replaced in 2005 with a contrasting pattern of quarter-sawn oak and walnut, and I don't like the way it looks. (not shown in this picture)

I’d get six overstuffed leather armchairs and arrange them in a circle around a coffee table, then I’d light a fire and invite my critique group. When I get stuck with a plot problem, I could step outside the French doors and pace on the veranda. I could swivel in my desk chair and stare out the window. The secret doors would lead to my library, filled with a million books. The other one would of course lead to the . . .ahem . . . well, you know where.

Seriously I’ve got to have this really cool shaped office. What’s that you say? I won’t have time for writing? I’ll have to do what? And I’ll have to do what for several months? How many babies would I have to kiss? Then commit to how many years? I’d have to do what in Iraq? Are you sure?

Uh . . .never mind.

This is a picture of President Reagan’s Oval Office taken in 1981. I still think it would be a totally cool office, but with all I’d have to do in order to use it, I’d better learn to be happy with what I’ve got.

I’m almost finished with the edits, and I’m ready to start another project. Cross your fingers, and look for the release of My Brother’s Keeper. You’re going to love this book.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.


Kim Thompson said...

Cool office! Congrats on almost finishing Brother's Keeper.

Nichole Giles said...

I'd love for you to have that office! We could go to your house for critique every week, and each have our own recliner. would be a lot of work to own it, huh?

Congrats on finishing "My Brother's Keeper." I can't wait to see it published.

Tristi Pinkston said...

You could build a replica without having to kiss all those babies.