Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sometimes Less is More

By Darvell Hunt

I'm currently reading a novel that I'm finding enjoyable, but the overuse of details, like the clothes the characters are wearing and the environment in which they are set, is getting rather annoying to me. I just don't need to know all that extra information.

I want to know more about the story, not about the shades of purple in the hair bow that the character is wearing or about how the sun is cascading down through the cypress trees and melting the fog that's rising from the swampy Louisiana bayou.

Sometimes less is more—so I'm keep today's blog entry short.

(And, oh yeah, don't forget to vote!)

1 comment:

Keith Fisher said...

wow you did cut it short. thanks for the observations. I agree that many authors add too much description. probabaly as filler to bring up the word count. good blog. thanks