Friday, December 12, 2008

The Suspense is Killing Me

by G.Parker

You've heard of the mad write, the ad lib, or the speed write -- well, we've gone for the group write. As a group of writers at Authors Incognito, we have made a tradition of making a Christmas story, one chapter at a time, one writer at a time, during the month of December.

It's gotten crazy.

Nichole mentioned the general plot yesterday, or how it has evolved to be. What's fun to me, though, is seeing how differently we all write. Some of us are more into suspense, some more dramatic, while some write action. It's great to see all of these come together in one collaborative effort.

It's basically someone giving you a previous chapter, and you have 500 word limit to come up with the next one. Think you could do it? Personally, I love that kind of writing. I've gotten a couple of stories from that idea, and I've found the hardest part is fleshing them out.

That's why this project has been so much fun -- to see what everyone else's imagination comes come up with. So far, I think the only genre that's going to be missing is romance -- although I still have one more chapter to contribute.. .grin.

I think all of us have enjoyed this process, and the suspense of seeing what is going to happen in the next chapter. Who's going to throw another twist to the plot? What is going to happen to the main character? Are we going to be able to wrap everything up by the end of the month? I guess we'll see.

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