Saturday, June 13, 2009

Learning to Cope

By Keith Fisher

"Life ain’t easy then you die." How many times have you heard that statement? I’ve heard it said in many variations. I went to a self-hypnosis seminar today and didn’t get a blog posted. What a great experience it was. I will be a better man in the future.

It was quite interesting to be the only man there. Tonight I went to the Orem Summerfest parade and wrote an article about patriotism. Right now, I’m falling asleep so this is my blog for today. Next week, I’ll write two blogs to make up . . . I promise.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.


L.T. Elliot said...

I was so close to going to that seminar but it was my birthday so unfortunately, I didn't. I can tell you that I regretted it big time, though!
And Keith, you being a better man? Seems hard to beat the man you already are. =]

Keith Fisher said...

Happy Birthday! thanks for the nice things you always say. Carol said she would do another one if we can drum up another group.