Wednesday, December 30, 2009


By C. LaRene Hall

Well, what do you expect two days before the New Year? What else is there to talk about?

Sunday in church, we had a great speaker who began his talk by making ALL of OUR Resolutions. I think he did this to point out the fact that no one can make choices for us. We each have to decide what changes to make in our own life.

As we are setting our new goals for the year, here are a few things that I might consider –
1. Expand my horizons.
2. Preserve my physical health by doing all the things that I should, such as exercise.
3. Be a truer friend.
4. Grow spiritually.
5. Pray to communicate.
6. Read scriptures.
7. Write something every single day.
8. Read a book every week, including some self-help ones that I usually toss aside.

The speaker on Sunday said to remember that we do have the right to change our resolutions if it’s not working. He reminded us to appreciate what little progress we make, and to be kind to ourselves. Also during the year, we should re-evaluate our progress.

I wonder how many days until I break all of my new resolutions. How about you? How soon will you change your mind and declare that it’s just too hard?

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