Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Word Games

By Darvell Hunt

Writers are known for enjoying word games. Some of my favorite writers have them in their books, including Dan Brown’s use of anagrams and Ann Dee Elli’s use of palindromes. I’ve used them in my stories as well. Word games can be an interesting way to interest your reader, as well has have fun writing.

At the below link, you can find a useful tool to help you create anagrams, which are words arranged from the letters of other words:


I used my full name, Darvell Dean Hunt, to create the below anagrams, just for fun. Some of them are stupid, I know, but from this list, I might be able to pull just one that I could use in a story (if I needed an anagram for my name, that is).

Q: Why did your Dad get evicted from his apartment:
A: Dad have null rent.

Q: What would someone have done who jumped over a borrowed Toyota Sienna?
A: Hurdled a lent van.

Q: What does a banker do who likes airplanes?
A: Uh, lend and travel.

Q: Where would you find an uninteresting intelligent dork?
A: Dull nerd at Haven.

Q: Where do purple monsters live:
A: Lavendar Land Hut.

Q: What does someone do who is affectionate toward pre-humans?
A: Luv D Neanderthal

Q: What pet does a valedictorian keep?
A: Nerd have dull ant.

Q: What happened when someone jumped over an insect on the ship deck?
A: Naval ant hurdled.

Q: What did Noah’s wife tell him when he was making a list of animals to take on the ark, but forgot boring black birds?
A: And the dull raven.

Q: Where do math geeks takes baths in a college dorm?
A: Nude nerd hall vat.

Okay, yes, these may be stupid questions, and maybe stupid answers, but they are all anagrams of my name. Try yours and see what you find.


L.T. Elliot said...

My fav was "Luv D Neanderthal"! Ha ha ha!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

My favorite anagram from my name is: I am the shy penpusher. Somehow appropriate.

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