Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding Time to Write

By Ali Cross

You can't use the excuse that there's no time to write. Plenty of people out there are busier than you and still manage to crank out books.

I wish I had a better memory, because there's this story I heard of an author who only had fifteen minutes every morning to write before he went to work. He was very diligent and never wavered from his schedule. He would write until his fifteen minutes were gone, and then, even if he were in mid sentence, he would leave his work until the next morning when he had his precious fifteen minutes to write once more.

What commitment! What diligence! What work ethic!

Yeah, I'm not like that. At least, not naturally.

But are any of us, really? Do any of us punch our own little clocks even when no one is around to see? That's the challenge we writers face. We are our own masters.

I haven't been finding my writing time lately. But this week, I need to make a conscientious effort at turning things around.

Who's with me? Let's punch those clocks!


Braden said...

That is a great reminder--and motivator!

Carolyn V. said...

Finding time is the hardest thing. I have to block out a few hours each day and then I feel like I've got something done. Excellent post Ali! =)

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm doing exactly that. How? I'm totally going unplugged this week. Right after this...

Keith Fisher said...

I'm with you on the time clock thing. The problem is I'm afraid I'd get docked pay. Since I earn next to nothing with my writing, I'd end up owing somebody.

C.L. Beck, author- MormonMishaps said...

Good advice. And I like L.T.'s suggestion to go unplugged for a week. Ooo, wouldn't that be great?