Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Is Stopping Me?

by C. LaRene Hall

I love getting fortune cookies when you go to a Chinese Restaurant. The paper in my last cookie said, “The world will soon be ready to receive your talents.” That made me both happy and sad. Why aren’t they ready now, I wondered.

Then I thought back to the recent writer’s conference I attended. J. Scott Savage gave the keynote address and he spoke about “What’s Holding You Back?”

After listening to Jeff, I decided that most of us have hundreds of excuses. I know I do. Usually, I blame the other guy such as the editor, agent, or even the computer. He encouraged us to get rid of the I cant’s. First, we need to realize some things we can’t control and other things we can control. After listening to this speech, I know that I can break the barriers and succeed. I just need to be more positive, keep trying, and write what inspires me.

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C.L. Beck, author- MormonMishaps said...

Good post. I like the idea of leaving our "can't"s behind.