Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Joy of Face-to-Face Networking

By Nichole Giles

Okay my friends, here’s the deal. Right now, this minute, I’m frantically getting things ready for this year’s LDStorymakers writer’s conference. This is by far the very best, most awesome, incredibly fun and informative writer’s conference available. Or, well, at least that I’ve attended. And I attend conferences regularly.

And because I’m very involved in the sister group associated with the LDStorymakers, I have a few extra responsibilities to take care of, like producing a skit, prize baskets, and posters. So, rather than write a highly informative blog today, I’m going to give you a bit of advice.

Attend writer’s conferences. As many and as often as you can. Until you do, you will never know the joy of face-to-face networking with so many like-minded people. And besides the joy, you’ll take away information. Lots and lots of it. Invaluable information that will undoubtedly make your work better.

Go. Learn. Do. And then…Write!

Next week, reports on things I learned and people with whom I socialized.

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