Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Greatest Experiment

By Keith N Fisher

It began two hundred and thirty-four years ago. The greatest experiment in government undertaken to that point. Well, it actually started with the Colonies objections to unfair representation, but it culminated in the signing of the Declaration of Independence and The United States of America began the long road to a unique form of government.

I’d like to talk about that experiment for a minute. Then, I’ll talk about writing and another declaration of independence.

Like any experiment, there have been try and fail episodes. Compromise and a commitment to the greater good are what kept the experiment afloat for so long. Many people have had their agendas, but realized, no two people have the same beliefs and opinions. Therefore, a give and take relationship has evolved.

Now, we stand on a precipice. There are many, who believe their way is the only way. Compromise is seen as a sign of weakness. Our “Safe Haven” for the downtrodden is threatened.

We celebrate the signing of a great document this weekend. The day we declared our independence from an oppressive king and a group of elite society who felt that their way was the only way.

While you watch the parade, fireworks, or barbecue. Take a moment and drink a toast to the grand experiment, the monument to compromise that has lasted so long.

How is your writing going? That is the question asked of me often. I find myself asking the same question of others. When asked, I think of all the wonderful In the Zone Moments when words seemed to flow from my fingertips. The times when tears filled my eyes because of the touching scene I’d just written.

I often say, “Good,” and develop a sense of apprehension over justification of my chosen occupation.

The next question is usually, “have you got anything published yet?”

I answer with a noncommittal, “Just articles, and blogs.” I am left with a feeling of being judged, a time waster.

So, today, in honor of Independence Day I’m declaring my independence from feeling like a time waster. When I write, I’m creating something. What are you creating by wasting so many hours on the golf course?

When I write, I come closer to my Father in Heaven. For it is He who gave me this gift. It is He who sustains me while writing. Can you say the same about water skiing?

I am not a time waster! Sometimes I feel like making a living, gets in the way of my real avocation of writing. So am I wasting time at work?

Have a great holiday. Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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Kimberly Job said...

I've often seen your writing touch lives, so, NO, you are not wasting your time!!