Friday, July 02, 2010


by G.Parker

During the summer, I have a great way to motivate my sons to get yard work done. I've been able to keep several flower beds weeded and our garden area, that became overrun with weeds before we could plant, partially reclaimed due to this ability.

It's called video games. You see, our children do not have free run of the video games and or computer. They have to earn the time. Certain tasks earn them a certain amount of time. My autistic son is particularly motivated because he has a favorite game he plays and is trying to reach the end. A half hour of time doesn't do it - so he works for more and more time. Today he asked how to earn a hour and a half. This opens up all types of opportunities.

I wish there was something as motivating for me. Yes, I want to be published, but that doesn't seem to push the day to day writing. That has to come more from within. Determination has to be the bedrock of your foundation if you want to find motivation for your goals and that's different for everyone.

When I was a teenager, my little sister and I played a game where the smaller I could write on a page, the more chewy sweetarts I'd earn. I was able to get a thousand words on a page before we decided it couldn't go any smaller - I mean, we had to be able to read it. That was her way of motivating me to write, although I didn't need much encouragement at that age.

It's one of the reasons I belong to a critique group. They want to have something to read. It's okay if we don't bring something every time, but if it continues for more than one or two meetings, then they start bugging. I think I've mentioned before how helpful they've been in getting me going.

Well, today's a gorgeous day and the boys are out pulling weeds (I'm able to watch from the window by my desk). I guess I'd better get some other things done so that when they're playing games, I can write uninterrupted.

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Hazel said...

What a wonderful idea, having the kids earn time with games. I'm going to suggest that for my grandkids. Too late for me, though. My youngest is 35 years old.