Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Art of Learning

By Keith N Fisher

I had to take a big test this week. Hoping to get it right, I’ve been studying hard for a while. I missed posting my other two blogs because I was concentrating on my studies. Now, the test is over, and I’m left with that hollow feeling, I get, After cramming thousands of thoughts and ideas into my brain, only to regurgitate them onto the test paper, never thinking of them again.

Well, the test might not be over, since I’m still waiting for one of my scores to come out, and I might have to take that part of the test again.

Have you ever wondered why church leaders tend to repeat the lesson’s they teach? Do they think we’re so dense, we need constant reminders in order to remember the lesson?
After taking my test, and relearning things I committed to memory years ago, I think that might be true, for me. :)

Seriously, though, Why do we go back, every Sunday, wearing our guilt like a badge of surrender, only to be reminded of what we are not doing? I think one reason is God’s children have been given the opportunity to follow or not, and we need a reminder to apply the concepts in our lives in order to be saved.

Also, I was reminded this week about writer’s conferences. Some of us have been perennial attendees at many of them. Why do we go and listen to the same concepts again, and again?

Here, at the LDS Writer’s Blogck, many of us labor, trying to write something that will help our readers in their quest to be successful. I’ve noticed that we tend to repeat concepts, why do you read?

I don’t think it’s the learning, because many of the lessons are something we’ve learned before.

While pondering these questions, I recalled a conversation, when someone mentioned the reason they attend the conferences was for the networking with other writers. That’s when it hit me. We cram for a test in hopes of recalling the facts. We go to church, attend conferences, and read the Blogck, in an effort to be recharged.

Everybody, eventually, experiences a drain in their resolution batteries, and it helps to know there are others who struggle, too. We do those things to strengthen our resolve. To get a charge that will carry us through, over the mountain of discouragement.

I hope to see you all at the next conference, but in the meantime, keep reading our blog. We will try and provide the right current so you can recharge your batteries. At least, we can give you hope in realization that we are all in the same boat.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.


Anonymous said...

Whether it is a struggle or a triumph, reading blogs like yours recharges and/or replaces the worn-out batteries.

Jolene Perry said...

So true. It's all a recharge for me, it's why I enjoy the connection with other writers so much.