Friday, September 10, 2010


by G.Parker

Have you noticed there is a drive to have followers in the blogging world?  It's a way to say to the person who happens onto your blog that there are people reading it on a consistent basis.  They are kind of like proof that what you write matters and people like you.  It's kind of like being the object of a fan club.
We have many followers, and we appreciate them all.  It's amazing to me that we reach so many people.  If we were really out there to make money, we'd be doing advertising and trying to make that a really amazing number.  But that's not why we're here, or why we write this blog.

We're here to help those who aspire to writing.  We want to inspire, uplift and advise, if possible, those who want to write for the LDS market.  If we happen to gain a fan base along the way, well, more the better, right? 

Our blogging group is going through some changes right now, as you might have noticed.  We have started having guest bloggers and we will be getting new bloggers in the future.  Our goal is to keep a fresh and uplifting blog going, and keep you reading.  Your feedback is an important part of our site, and we appreciate all the comments.  

Perhaps there's a particular subject you would like us to cover or writing tip you'd like - just let us know, we'll try to cover it.  After all...we're here for our followers!  ;)

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