Friday, October 08, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

by G.Parker

This time of year involves birthdays in my family.  Namely, my husband's and mine.  We were born the same year, five days apart.  He teases me that I couldn't stand he'd come down before me and came early.  I tease him that he didn't want to come till I came because he was born late.  What's fun is we have five days that he's actually older than I am and it's full of jokes and fun about being with an 'older man.'

This past Monday we had a combined birthday party because our birthdays this year are of a 'milestone' variety.  Picture 25 people (or more) packed into a house because it's threatening to rain with a large dog, a mini dachshund, a little baby, food and 50 balloons.  It was great.  Not only was it fun because we had time with family and friends, but it was loads of story fodder.  

There was the argument between my mother-in-law and my brother about whether a grocery store used to be in a section of town eons ago (yes it was, but she didn't remember it) and everyone's determination to be right.  My father-in-law sleeping most of the evening in the comfy chair.  My daughter, her boyfriend and my granddaughter all in the other room, with everyone wanting to admire and hold the baby.  

My husband's friend and his wife from work who were happy to be there, but didn't know a soul and stood to one side with patient smiles while the crowd flowed around them.  The neighbors that my husband grew up with and their three cute daughters, the middle one of which decided my oldest daughter's dog was perfect and wanted to take it home.  

My sons outside with the fire pit, practicing lighting fires with wet wood and asking repeatedly if we're lighting the tiki torches. (No, we're not.)  My brother, while trying to keep from falling asleep where he stood, (he works graves and just got up) giving them a bad time because all three are Eagle Scouts but they weren't having much success with the wood...big surprise.  Loads of newspaper went into that.

The poster in the front room that everyone signed and had to add their 'two bits' to.  My hubby came up with a marketable quote, I think.  "I'd rather be older than dirt than be dirt."  But his oldest brother and mom felt it needed more.  (funny...she seems to think that with most things...grin)  And to top it all off, the wonderful cakes my daughter made with all her love - chocolate for me, carrot cake for my hubby.

It was enough to warm the heart and remind one how great the memories are.  The moments that we capture with our heart camera, so to speak.  These are the same feelings we try to bring to our writing.  I hope to capture some of those thoughts and convey them to the words I'm writing now and in the future.  

I hope you have as much fun as I do with your family...and your writing.  Until next week...

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