Thursday, October 07, 2010


By Cheri Chesley

After Book Academy last week, and especially Julie Bellon's class at the end, I have worked on prioritizing my writing. It's been especially difficult for me to write daily. I have 5 children, each with their own distractions, and I also babysit. Today I have a handful of kids in my house. While fun, toddlers do NOT let you simply sit at the computer for hours at a time. They require--and deserve--my attention.

But Julie's class was brilliant. And she really made me feel like I can do it. While I haven't put anything into practice, yet, I have a purpose and direction. I just turned in my author proof with my corrections for THE PEASANT QUEEN, and I have great plans for the rough draft of THE TYRANT KING--my next book.

What I found really great was having Book Academy right before General Conference. Mingling with other writers and feeling the energy of all of that, and then submersing myself in that spiritually charged weekend equals wondrous inspirations. Definitely a good mix.

Add to that a week of good reading. Sigh. How do you spell contentment? :)

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