Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It’s Not Too Late

by C. LaRene Hall

Last week I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with my daughter and her two children. She spent time talking with her son about his report for school. I think most parents wonder how much of what they tried to teach their children really stuck. There was no doubt in my mind that this daughter had certainly learned the lesson –Satan would have us waste our time in activities that impede our progress on the pathway to perfection. She was furious that this son instead of writing his report for school kept using his computer for other things such as playing games and watching movies. She wasn’t happy with him because of the bad habits and addictions that he was picking up. My grandson now realizes that it’s not okay to play games instead of fulfilling obligations. He knows he needs to be careful where he puts his priorities.

Sometimes I find myself making excuses for why I’m not getting any writing done, or why I can’t do something. This was a great reminder for me. Often I find myself wasting time and not always doing the things that will make me progress towards my goals.

Now, before the year is finished (there’s only three more months) I need to take an accounting of my goals. How am I doing?

1. Expand my horizons.
2. Preserve my physical health by doing all the things that I should, such as exercise.
3. Be a truer friend.
4. Grow spiritually.
5. Pray to communicate.
6. Read scriptures.
7. Write something every single day.
8. Read a book every week, including some self-help ones that I usually toss aside.

I am right on the right path with some of them, but others I’m going to have work harder to even come close to fulfilling them. Sad to say, but number 5, and number 7 are the ones that I’ve fallen down on achieving. I think sometimes when the goals aren’t right in front of our noses; we sometimes forget where we are going. I have three months left to reach all of my goals. How are you doing on your goals for the year?

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Michael Knudsen said...

My goals for 2010:

Climb 10 Wasatch peaks over 11,000 feet: No, only climbed 1 and was good with it.

Get first book published by end of year: Check.

Finish first draft of next book: Not looking very likely.

Run a marathon in less than 4 hours: Can you say "sciatica"?

Eat 20 gallons of ice cream: Done in June. Goal revised to 50 gallons.