Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Writing AND Having a Life

By Darvell Hunt

I started a new job in June and I must admit that I’ve had a hard time making room for my writing since then. When writing doesn’t pay the bills, it can sometimes be hard to justify the time spent on it—except that I suppose if you’re truly a writer, you can’t help but write.

I’m sure most of us writers have had times where our lives pushed our writing into the corner. For me, these busy times can sometimes be sad times, because writing is what makes me happy. But, paying the bills in this poor economy is currently pretty high on my happy list and, unfortunately, has ended up bumping writing down that list—but no more.

It seems that the "successful" writers out there are those who have been able to deal with the conflicts of life and still keep up with their writing. Whether by choice or not, I’ve taken a bit of a time off to get my career back in order, but hopefully that time is past and I can now get back to what satisfies me the most.

So, as this year ends and a new one begins, I plan to set these three personal writing goals:

1. Send out more queries for my mainstream middle-grade novel, “There’s an Alien in my Head!”

2. Finish the rough draft of my LDS romance novel, “The Bee and the Butterfly.”

3. Get more involved again with my writing groups.

Wish me luck!

(Feel free to post your personal writing goals as well, or blog about it and post a link.)

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