Saturday, April 09, 2011

Come Saturday Morning

By Keith N Fisher

I wrote a blog this morning, but with those that have been posted here lately, mine would appear insensitive. So I'm going to save it for another day.

Since I don't have anything for today, I was looking through my files of old blogs and focused on one I posted in December 2008, when I talked about getting out of my office to write. I was reminded of a conversation we had in critique group the other day.

We were talking about laptops and that escalated into best writing places, (and comfort positions). I've always said my favorite place to write is parked in a crowded parking lot with my laptop resting on the steering wheel.

It’s a wonderful place, because I can be alone with my thoughts. Distractions, if there are any, come from people walking through the parking lot, and bad drivers. It is a veritable character parade.

I've seen people do things, while I'm writng, that I incorporated into a story. Describing characters is easy when they walk in front of your windshield while you write about them. Putting that aside, though, it’s just a comfortable position to write in. the screen is close, so I can remove my glasses, totally oblivious to the strains of bending over a keyboard to get a closer look at the monitor.

In the blog I mentioned above, I quoted the lyrics to a song that fits. Come Saturday Morning, I'm running away with my friend. Well, it's Saturday morning, again. I want to run away with my character friends.

Here are the lyrics I talked about. I'm humming the tune. Wish I could go.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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