Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Next Step

by Cheri Chesley

I think I enjoyed the Sunday afternoon session of Conference the best. We don't always get to spend the whole weekend getting each session in, but this past weekend we did. All of them had amazing messages, but Sunday afternoon resonated with me best.

But that's the way the Spirit works. Like when we read the scriptures, and even though we read the same passages, or verses, at different times in our lives we will take something new away from it. That's why, even in the repetition, it never ceases to be relevant to our lives.

This month, April, I'm embarking into the world of ebooks. Over the years I've written some fun and, at times, compelling short stories that would otherwise never see publication. Ebooks gives me a wonderful medium for these stories. And, maybe, a little pocket money for writers' conferences. :) It's also a way to get my name out there and into places where my print novels may not reach.

I'm not looking to get rich doing this. In fact, I'm working at pricing these stories as cheaply as possible. One thing I've heard overwhelmingly from people who purchase ebooks is they are far more likely to buy the inexpensive ones. There's even a lady out there who sold almost 500,000 copies of her ebooks in one MONTH because they are only 99 cents.

Here are the first two ebook covers I have:
Ghost Bride is a short story about the death of a beautiful bride on her wedding night.
The Wild Queen is a prequel to my print novel, The Peasant Queen. It's a story about King Gregory's parents, and sort of a study into what makes a tyrant. At least in Gregory's case.

The third ebook I plan to publish by the end of this month is called The Price of Love. In it, Alita travels to Scotland to meet her fiance's family, and ends up uncovering a centuries-old murder mystery.

How do you feel about ebooks? Will you consider publishing using that medium?

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Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

As far as e-books and publishing there is no right or wrong choice. The author must decide what is best for them and their book.