Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still Learning

by Cheri Chesley

April is not quite half over, but already it's been a month of learning. Between General Conference and the Write Here in Ephraim writers' conference, I feel like my head may explode.

But it's a wonderful feeling.

Someday, with practice, I'll get better at speaking in front of groups and presenting my prepared classes on writing--or my writing journey. I still felt like a student of the craft Saturday in Ephraim. Berin Stephens taught a comedy writing class. Abel Keogh shared his notes on writing memoir. Mike Knudsen taught us more effective self-editing tools, endorsed by the amazing Tristi Pinkston. And Clint Johnson had us all engaged at the end with an author trivia game, where I played an impromptu Vanna lol. I have to say I'm no good at it, because I kept having to restrain myself from muttering the right answers and tipping off the contestants. :)

I'm really bummed to miss the LDS Storymakers' Conference in May, but I'm carefully budgeting this year. It's probably good I take a break, anyway, since my last two attendances have been marked with severe illness. Still, I hate knowing what I'm going to miss. The worst part will be reading all the FaceBook posts about how much fun everyone's having and all they're learning. Maybe I'll take an internet break that week. I do have a rough draft to write in May, after all.

I'm looking forward to putting all I've learned so far this month into practice.

What are you learning?

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