Friday, July 08, 2011

The Chaos of My Brain

by G.Parker

Okay, maybe I should title it, "How to Make Sense From the Swiss Cheese of My Brain," but titles are the subject of this blog, so you get the idea.

I recently finished an excellent book, but I thought, 'that wasn't the same one I picked up.'  When I'd checked out Tristi Pinkston's book, I thought it would have something to do with the old west, or a woman detective.  The title of her book is Agent in Old Lace .  What comes to mind when you see that title?  Do you picture a modern day story with a girl who ends up being guarded by FBI agents in her apartment?  One of which has to dress as a woman to complete the protection?  Like I said, it's a great story -- I just felt misled by the the title.

When you are contemplating  the title of your book, sometimes the title comes first, sometimes it comes during the writing, and at other times it's a struggle.  I know that with one of my stories I had a real hard time coming up with a title.  I mean, it's kind of a big deal.  You want something that leaps out at the reader going through the spines in a library, or a bookstore, or online.  Then we get into the whole cover thing, but that's a completely different blog that I don't want to cover right now.  

Romance stories always seem to have something about love in them.  Love to the Rescue, The Beating Heart, etc.  So, it's a little easy to tell they are romance.  Suspence stories tend to have titles that are one worded or John Greshams, The Runnaway Jury, The Chamber, etc.  There's a writer out there that is going through the alphabet for her titles like A is for Alibi.  They make it simple to know and recognize what the content of the book is going to be.  If you are reading a series, it will be even easier to know where you're at.

Anyway - suffice to say Tristi's book was great, I encourage everyone to go read it. (I'm a little slow, I'm sure most of you have already read it.) I just felt a little misled.  Perhaps she had a hard time coming up with a title and that's what came to her.  Who knows.  I have a series I'm writing that has ended up with the titles all having to do with some kind of flower.  It has actually helped in shaping the stories, knowing what the titles are.

How have you picked out your titles?  I'd like to hear. 

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Donna K. Weaver said...

The first thing that came to my mind was Mrs. Pollifax, a 60 year old widow who ended up working for the CIA.