Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Moment's Pause

by Cheri Chesley

My daughter and I had some alone time a few months back. It was just me and her and the car. While she sat back quoting her favorite movie, I got to thinking. And we talked. And talked. The talking turned to brain-storming, and, before I knew it, we had plotted out an entire story.

She got to name the characters, and put in a couple of key scenes, but the rest I basically put together--except I can't take full credit for it because she helped me come up with the idea. I never would have considered such a story had it not been for her unique enthusiasm and the essence she added to the story.

I submitted the book to my publisher this week, so now I play the waiting game. Fortunately, being so young, my daughter doesn't trouble herself with that kind of thing. She doesn't suffer the angst of rejection just yet, but I'll gladly take that one for her. At the moment, I'm still a little deluded by the idea of joint signings with my little girl to let something like rejection dampen my spirits. :)

And all because I took a moment's pause from my regular projects and had a conversation with my daughter. It's pretty awesome, when you think about it.

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