Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts Through the Years

by G.Parker

In case you haven't been reading our blog for very long, let me give you a few facts.  This blog was started in 2006 after the founding of AI, which was started through LDSstorymakers, in connection with the writing conferences.  I remember everyone talking about starting one, what to name it, how Darvel created the design for the strip and how it has morphed from a simple daily support to what it  is today - the same.  Grin.

It has changed in writers.  I think there are only a few of us original starters.  There was a time when I wrote two a week, but we decided that it was too much.  Once a week is plenty, believe me.  I'm sure those of you who really read our articles find that reading one a day is good enough - when you have time.  Some of the names of our former contributors you would recognize as published authors:  Danyelle Ferguson, Nichole Giles, to name a couple.

Through out our course the desire has been to assist the aspiring LDS writer, regardless of what genre, or audience they wrote for.  Being aspiring authors ourselves, we know what it is to struggle with juggling jobs, families, and all the other things we try to do in our lives while trying to keep up with the drive to write.  

Sometimes we feel that we touch the reader.  Other times we wonder if there's even anyone out there.  It's the whole sending the thoughts into the void - not sure if anything is ever going to come back.  Sometimes we get comments, and we love it.  Regardless of how many people actually read our thoughts or suggestions (some of which are VERY well done, like as with Connie's notes from different conferences and Keith's accounts of other note taking) this blog satisfies part of our craving to write and be published.  

Blogging is the publishing world in miniature, and while it's only a small part, it's still a part that helps with the drive and ambition.  Anyone who desires to be a writer now has a blog.  It used to be a rare thing, now everyone has one.  Some of us have several, since a blog usually has a theme.  

Blogging is not the same as writing a book, though many blogs have been turned into a book, like the movie Julie and Julia was based on.  But the point is that blogging helps us be connected to the world in general.  Puts thoughts and feelings out there for the world to have and examine and use if desired.

I hope you've enjoyed our blog.  I believe it will probably continue for many more years.  Even if those of us who started it go on different paths, there will always be someone who is willing to step up to the plate and keep the tradition going.
Thanks for reading, we hope our blog continues to be one that helps and uplifts. 


Keith Fisher said...

Hi Gaynell, Just for the record, AI was going long before this blog started.

G. Parker said...

yeah...I just remembered when it started.. ;)