Friday, July 01, 2011


by G.Parker

Have you ever noticed that sometimes those that have, get more?  It's kind of a gospel principle, I think.  We're told that those to whom much is given, much is expected.  There's also the little parable about the talents that those who didn't increase them had the talent taken away and it was given to those who had.

I think in some ways, it's the same for us regular people.  Not that many of the amazing authors we know and love are 'regular', because the mere fact of what they accomplish make them anything but.  However - one of the dear authors I know just published a low sodium cook book, on top of all the other projects she has going.  My husband has been on me to publish a cook book for the past year.  I told him it takes so much time to get them all edited and tried and have photos...  but I'm beginning to think the time is right.  
It's crazy, cause I feel like I have too much on my 'creative' plate right now.  But isn't that how we want it?  Aren't we taught that busy hands keep idleness away?  We are a people that work.
Now that I'm back from a wonderful vacation (of which toooo much time was spent in the car driving...I'd really love it if someone could invent the transporter from Star Trek, please????) I should feel all rested and ready to get the brain in gear, right?  Sigh.  I have written more in the past couple of days than I have in several months, but unfortunately, it's been blogging items and not my current work in progress.  So, I need to get the whole priorities thing going.  I've got lots to do, so down to it.
Have a great 4th of July, by the way - be thankful to be part of a country that allows us to write and think what we wish without penalty.  ( far) 

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