Thursday, August 04, 2011

Families Together

by Cheri Chesley

My daughter is home now after an extended trip visiting her grandparents. Cool. She can help us pack.

Have you ever noticed how many nationally and internationally bestselling authors live in towns you can hardly pronounce, and have certainly never heard of? How does Waurika, Oklahoma grab you?

Yep, we're relocating. Every reason and justification I have for moving my kids 1200 miles (it's okay because they want to) away, save one, is family-related.

Bryan's parents are in need of help, and his sister has done her part. It's our turn.
The kids all want to move back to OK (my sons were born there but we moved away when they were toddlers).
I won't have to work, and can therefore focus more on the needs of my kids. This is a two-fold reason, though, because:

if I don't have to babysit anymore, I can WRITE while my kids are in school.

While I'm under no illusions that moving to a small town will automatically make me a bestselling author, I am excited to relieve some of the stresses and pressures in my life. I'm also excited to have built-in writing time in my days. There's a lot to be said for being a more prolific writer.

Heavenly Father has been in constant communication through this decision-making process. Two months ago, while I knew this was an eventual possibility, I did not consider that I would want to move back. Everything changed during our recent visit. At one point, I was so overcome by the feeling of the Spirit, I couldn't speak for several minutes. I know this is the right thing for my family, and not just because it's the first time all 7 of us have agreed on a move.

Knowing you're doing what's right for your family is an empowering feeling. I know I'm not escaping stress and problems, but rather exchanging one set of issues for another. But I do believe it is a better situation, at least for us.

Today I'm packing my books. Got to prioritize, right? :)

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David G. Woolley said...

Well done Cheri. You've choosen the better part.