Friday, August 19, 2011

The World is Shrinking

by G.Parker

I've decided that the world is getting smaller and smaller every day.  My reasoning?  We are able to reach more and more people, hear about incidents that happen totally on the other side of us and my fellow blogger's son just got called to be in my son's mission.  How's that for shrinkage?

I think writing has taken a whole different turn as well.  No longer are writers delegated to the back rooms of some musty old newspaper office, or dark cubicle with no surety that anyone is reading their words.  Most often, the world see's what is written and it usually has far reaching consequences. 

It's amazing how the world has changed from when I was a teenager.  I look at it now, and just shake my head.  It's mind boggling.

Fortunately, there is always the written word.  Whether it is in the form of electronics, or on the paper page, it still has the capacity to garner interest and give information and knowledge to the masses.  Have you ever pondered the beginning of the written word?  How it came through the efforts of many brave souls to get the written word onto a form that many could read and not just the privileged few.

I feel that today's world of readers are a far different breed than when we were young.  Classics in my day were the Mark Twain books, the Anne of Greene Gables, Gone with the Wind, etc.  Now they are naming books that were coming into print when I was a teenager.  Movies that came out when I got married are being remade!  It's enough to drive me crazy.  I mean sure, they say the classics are still the classics...but there are new ones now.  

Since what we read affects how we write, it's a good thing to keep up on the latest books and to keep the classics on the bedside table.  There was a contest in the blogworld about what the authors had on their nightstands to read.  I'm afraid I don't have books on my nightstand.  I have a pile that I try to get through during the summer when I have some spare time, but when I'm working, reading is a pure luxury that I rarely get to enjoy.  The only real reading I get done is scripture reading.  Another part of my world that's shrinking...the books I get to read.

Well, I hope you have a large world to choose from.  I would hope that your imagination is growing by leaps and bounds and the worlds flowing from your pen or fingers is boundless.  Perhaps that is the real undiscovered country...the human imagination.

Have a good weekend and see you next week!

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