Thursday, December 01, 2011

Did you Miss Me?

by Cheri Chesley

You may have noticed, but I chose NOT to post on Thanksgiving. How many people were really trolling the internet on feasting day looking for writing advice, after all? I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We hosted, and had 19 people. It's probably good that we hosted since we have the largest house in the family (in the area). And Bryan's mom was able to come down from the rest home for a couple of hours and join the fun. Sweet lady. Bryan took the kids down to see her later that day, and she told him she didn't get a chance to see me or say hi, but that he was NOT to give me any guilt about it. Gotta love her. :)

Seeing as it's Dec 1, this post could go several places. I didn't NaNo this year, so we won't talk about who met their goals. I edited instead, which in truth was my own little marathon. Technically, I'm ready to resubmit The Tyrant King to my editor. It's taken a lot of extra time, but the story has only benefited. I really think it's the best thing I've done yet.

I may be the only one, but I find editing a tricky process. Certainly there are formulas you can follow, but only the writer can decide when the book is "ready." Some of us have issues with that. In truth, I can edit a single story for years, constantly finding new ways to improve it until I feel it's perfect, but what do I gain from that? There is something to be said for throwing that near perfect story out to the public and seeing what happens.

More growth has come for me as a writer from the process of publishing The Peasant Queen than any of the years I took editing the thing. I won't deny it's been, at times, sort of a trial by fire. People are not always kind in their reviews, and some of them have stung. But the personal growth I've experienced has resulted in a better story the second time around. It's been wonderful.

Perhaps, when I've published my 20th book, I may feel that sense of having written the "perfect" novel. :)

Keep on writing!

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Keith Fisher said...

Yes I missed you. Hope you had a great holiday