Friday, December 02, 2011

Well...Novembers Gone, Decembers Here -- Wind has finally subsided

by G.Parker

Well...the craziness of Nanowrimo is over, and the almost equally crazy month of December is upon us.  The weather has been equally crazy, as we just went through an East Wind that decided to uproot as many trees as possible in our neighborhood.  My dad has a tree on his house that smashed his hot tub, and our church lost most of it's trees and shingles off the roof.  I felt like asking if it was March and not December...Hopefully if you live in Utah or California you've survived without too much damage.

I hope November was a good month for you - that you reached your goal and became an official Nano winner.  I did...

I have to say, it seemed easier this year than any year previous, which is nice.  Now I take a small break during December and then in January, it's editing time!!  I promised my hubby that I would get some items submitted this next year, so in order for that to happen, I need to do a bunch of editing.

How do you mix your editing with your writing?  Do you focus only on writing one day and editing the next?  Do you do it hour by hour?  I'd be interested on how you manage to keep current with writing and current with editing.  

Editing is the bane of my life.  I love writing new stuff...I HATE having to rework or rewrite it.  Editing always takes so much time, makes my brain work harder and me crankier.  sigh.  

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and are all set for the wonderful Christmas season.  Our sort of annual ward Christmas party that I was SOOO looking forward to tonight had to be cancelled due to the damage of the wind (or perhaps just the wind, who knows).  I'm trying not to be depressed and look on it as a positive thing -- I didn't have to come up with a table decoration as I'd signed up for.

What do you look forward to this Christmas season?  I'd like to hear.  Are you going to be writing or taking a break?  Remember, I want to know how you handle your editing and writing.  Have a good weekend! 

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Connie Hall said...

Good accomplishment Gaynell. I have one of those also. Wow was I tired of writing by the end of the month.