Friday, December 09, 2011

The Morning After

by G.Parker

Okay - so we've survived November and are into the second week of December.  Isn't that kind of like the morning after?  It's kind of like the day after Christmas, when the feelings of anti-climatic sink in.  (Of course for some, that happens within hours of opening presents...)  All the excitement is over and now you have to go back to normal.  It's one of the reasons I don't take my decorations down right away -- I want to cherish the memory and feeling as long as possible.

When you've finished a story, do you feel that way about it when you're done or do you wish you'd never set eyes on it and don't want to see it again for months?  That's usually where I sit.  I'm so finished with it I want to forget I ever wrote it.  I've heard that actually, it's a good thing to set it aside before you start editing because that will give you a fresher look on things.

It's always better to hand it out, say, "here, read this and get back to me in a month or so."  Then when they hand it back you're like, "wow, I wrote that?  It's dang good!"  And it will be.  Trust me.  ;)

Let me know what your editing routines are, I'd like to know.  Have a good weekend, and see you next time!

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