Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Blog Giveaway

By Keith N Fisher

Because I’ve always assumed everyone loves free chocolate and as you can see, this is not a normal chocolate bar. Hershey’s makes the single size we give for Halloween, then there is the 1.55 oz. They make a big thick one next. After that is the big bar at 4.4 oz. At work, for Christmas, we sell a one-pound bar, and a five-pound bar. I decided to give away a one pound bar.

Since I was disappointed in the responses last week, and because I want the most for my fifteen-dollars, I’m going to extend the drawing for another week. Those who took the time to answer the questions last time, will get two entries in the drawing. Everyone else can get in the drawing by leaving a comment on this post.

What could be easier than that?

As for the answers to the contest:

After a considerable amount of discussion on a Yahoo Group Site, our blog went public with the first post on April 21, 2006, when Cindy Beck posted, What’s in a Name. We have used many graphics over the years but this was the first one made by Darvell. Then came others until we settled with the one we use today.

Of course you know the first bloggers were Heather Justesen, Connie Hall, Cindy Beck, Nichole Giles, Danyelle Ferguson, Wendy Elliot Gaynell Parker, And Karen Hoover. They were all members of Authors Incognito and got together from that group. The purpose was to use blogging as a hedge against writer’s block. Hence the name, Blogck. Darvell combined blog with block and the name stuck.

That was the quality of talent when in June of 2006, Danyelle left the blog and I answered an invitation. On June 24, I posted, Standing on the Precipice, and I’ve posted every week since.

Over the years, many bloggers have come and gone, but we’ve pretty much stuck to our stated purpose of helping writers know they aren’t alone. There are others who struggle with writing like they do. I want to thank all those writers who have moved on. Your service has provided encouragement, more than you know.

Currently, the list shows, Darvell, blogging on Tuesday, Connie, on Wednesday. Cheri, on Thursday. Gaynell, on Friday, and Karen Dupaix on Monday. Some of those writers are moving on, and we thank them for their service to all of us.

So, there you have a brief sketch. We are at a juncture with the blog and we need advice. We also wonder if we’re being helpful. Let us know, and until next week, when I announce the winner of the chocolate, good luck with your writing.


Marta O. Smith said...

It's always good to hear that others are going through the same things I am. Keep it up guys.

kbrebes said...

I read the post last week but didn't do the research needed to answer the questions--I admit it!! Yet, I'm back today because I love our group! I'm grateful for those who have kept, and are keeping, the blog going.
: )

C. K. Bryant said...

I meant to come last week and enter the contest, but totally spaced. Sorry about that. This is a great blog and I've always enjoyed reading the posts, even though I'm horrible at leaving comments. You've all done such a great job over the years and I'd like to see the blog continue. Since you have several people leaving, maybe now would be a good time to talk about what you envision for the blog's future and what you'd like to see done. I'm sure there are AI members who would jump at the change to contribute, whether as a regular weekly blogger or as a guest.

G. Parker said...

Okay - can you how long we've been at this??? I'd go for the candy bar, but it would have to be dark And I would have to give it to my kids...and, oh well...
Good blog though - I like the breakdown on how we came to be. Have a great weekend!

Nichole Giles said...

Sometimes I really miss my blogck days. But alas, I can barely keep up with my writing as it is. I still come back to read when I can, though, and I'm proud of how this blog has grown.

Keep it up!