Saturday, February 18, 2012


By Keith N Fisher

I pulled another book from my (to be read) stack, and sat down with it the other day. After a couple of chapters, I had to put it down and searched for a bookmark. Since I couldn’t find one, I settled for a piece of toilet tissue.

I began to reflect on my practice of marking my place. Years ago, I would just turn down the corner of a page, but out of love and respect for the printed word, I don’t do that anymore.

I love real bookmarks. They are almost always made from laminated cardstock and hold my place with dignity and style. Also, I sometimes use the business cards authors hand out to advertise their books. I receive dozens of bookmarks at book signings and author events every year. You’d think I’d use some of them.

What usually happens, after using a scrap of paper, or a toothpick, I finally place a real bookmark into the book just in time to finish the story. The bookmark stays inside the book and I move on starting the process over. Why don’t I just collect the mark from the story I just finished? I wish I were that organized. I’ve revisited stories, years after reading them, and found bookmarks, long since forgotten.

There is a pile on my desk I intend to use but never do. I have several signed by authors. I need to develop a habit of picking a bookmark before I open a new book. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world?

As my library grows, I will continue to need bookmarks, therefore, don’t neglect this effective marketing tool. When you get proofs of your new book cover, don’t forget to order the bookmarks. You will find that people will almost always take a bookmark even if they won’t look at your book. It gets your name and your book title out there.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.


Jessie Lambert said...

WOW! I never thought of using a bookmark as a marketing tool. That's actually a great idea. Also, my soon-to-be father-in-law showed me a quick and simple way to make unique bookmarks: just take an old deck of cards and cut a few cards into 3 long slips. They're durable and unique. I've used a few of these before. Just a thought. Your post has given me inspiration to do a bookmark post of my own over at 8 Hourglass Horizontal!

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