Friday, February 24, 2012

It's The Last Week of February...

by G.Parker

Where do you stand on your writing goals?

Remember back a month ago when you started the new year and resolved to be a better, more consistent writer?  Well, it's been eight weeks now, how have you done? It's important when setting goals that you examine your progress before you get too far.  How they are progressing, if more effort needs to be made, if balance is not there, etc., all this is done each quarter or month or whichever needs be to evaluate your goals.

Goals are mobile or fluctuating things.  They aren't written in stone, can be changed when needed, and are suited to your needs!  That's why you set them in the first place -- for your benefit and growth! Amazingly enough, if we didn't set goals for ourselves, more than likely we wouldn't achieve a portion of what we are capable of.  Goals seem to be the only real way to push ourselves into what we desire out of life.  (My, I'm being philosophical today...)

So, where do you stand?  Are you writing every day?  Editing every week?  Researching that story that is heavy in history?  Contemplating the mysteries of the universe?  (Okay, so that's what I tell people when I get caught day dreaming, but it sounds good!)

I made two goals that were both part of a single goal, actually.  I resolved to write one month, edit the next.  So far, it's been good.  January was edit month, and I got the story I'd written for NaNoWriMo edited and ready for someone else to look at.  This month I finished last year's entry (yes, we're talking 2010) and it's ready for heavy editing.  I sat down last night to write and realized that I didn't have anything I was working on.  Wow.  That was strange!

So, I guess it's editing until I come up with another story line to work on.  At first I panicked..."I'm not supposed to be editing, I'm supposed to be writing!!"  But then I realized that it's not a big deal.  The writing goal was for when I had a work in progress.  Editing can be the focus if that's what I need to get done.  See what I mean about flexible?  So, I can edit for the rest of this month and continue on into March.

So where are you with your writing?  Are you meeting your daily goals?  Let us know...see you next week!

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