Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Worth the pain?

by C. Michelle Jefferies

I feel extremely blessed as a writer. I can't look back on these last few years and not see the Divine hand that has guided me on this road to where I'm at.

A friend of mine used to use the phrase "Writing is not for the weak." as her signature. It made me smile whenever I saw it. Because it's true. Before you decide to sit down and lay your heart on a table for everyone to see you should decide if it's worth the pain. Because at some point as a writer trying to be an author these things are going to happen to you.

You have to develop a thick skin: Critiques and reviews can be harsh. They can even be overwhelming. I remember my first critique where someone told me they didin't want another story of a super hero. I was devestated. But that one comment sent me on a road of discovery about myself that hardened my skin to where I am now and look at critiques simply as making my book better.

Your wrists and shoulders are going to hurt: Enough said.

Your eyesight is going to go bad: Get good vision insurance or save money for those reading glasses.

You become a public figure of sorts: everything you say on the internet or in public can be used against you at some point. How you behave toward your peers, your public and as a professional will be remembered.

You are most likely going to spend more money becoming an author than what you will earn. Again, enough said.

You will lose friends: People who you thought would be there through thick and thin will either tire of your writing obsession, or be jealous of your eventual success, or think you've used them and given them no credit and leave you.

Your house, family, marriage and personal health will most likely suffer from a lack of time and sometimes attention.

So ask youself is it worth it, or do you have the stamina and/or drive to succeed? If you answer yes and know that these little setbacks can be turned into learning experiences and stepping stones then welcome to the insanity. :)

~The path to wisdom in not allways straight


Charissa said...

I think it's worth the pain! Thanks for the insight to what you've experienced. I am not cringing.

Weaver said...

You're so encouraging, Michelle! But I think this is the case for anything we endeavor to do in our lives. All right, the public humiliation probably isn't, but nothing worthwhile is easy in life, I've discovered.