Friday, October 19, 2012

You Don't See Anything....

by G.Parker

Like the penguins in Madagascar, I'm waving my hand over the computer and wishing it made it happen.  You see, I was supposed to be out of town today.  Sitting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Enjoying the brisk fall air, gorgeous scenery, and yummy pizza.  Oh yeah...they have a killer pizza joint there.  Anyway - that's where I was supposed to be right now.  But then life got in the way.

Tires on vehicles, for one.  We needed new tires on both cars that would hold everyone.  OUCH.  Didn't happen.  And, then our oldest daughter threw out her back and she would have been left home alone.  Double OUCH.  That also wasn't happening.  So we ended up having to stay home.

That meant that I could either sit around and mope (which let me tell you, it felt like everyone was sitting in a morgue yesterday afternoon) or figure out funness to do here.  I like that word.  Is it really a word?  I'm not sure.  Spell check doesn't like it.  We ended up doing a combination of things.  We did get tires on one of the cars, it was a necessity, and we discovered the joys of used tires of KSL.  Amazing how people will take perfectly good tires off their cars to put on something fancier.  Works for me when I get two with good tread for the price of a cheapo one.

Anyway, we had lunch with my hubby in Salt Lake yesterday, and then got some applesauce made and the laundry room cleaned and then folded clothes while watching a movie and then had fondue for dinner and watched Star Trek.  (The original series)

That brought on a conversation about how my oldest daughter (who is following in her mother's footsteps in wanting to be a writer) really likes the original Star Trek series because you never knew how they were going to end the show.  They always came up with something original, and it was usually something pretty good.  She liked to watch them because they made her think.

I think that was probably the biggest compliment the series could get.  Not only were there some fun actors on there, who totally made the characters, but there was a good story line as well.  Yeah, I know there were a lot of politics involved with the show, and that it ended just as it was really going to take off and ended up in rerun heaven for the next 20 or so years, only to spawn a whole new generation of trekkies...but it was a good show.  And it was based on solid writing.

So, while I "suffer" here at home instead of relaxing in Steamboat, I'll remember that my chance to get my writing to the solid stage is still coming...only 13 days and counting...

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Weaver said...

Classic ST was very much into the social commentary for things going on at the time. They were able to be more subtle about it because of the future setting. But issues of race as shown in the episode where one race was black on the left side and the other race was black on the right side were very pertinent in the late 60s.