Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An attack for writers block.

by C. Michelle Jefferies

The dreadful words. Writers block!

Oh how writers dread it. It is a plague! It can even be contagious between writer friends by mere suggestion.  The horrible long minutes staring at a blank page or screen. The feeling of hopelessness when it hits is miserable.

So how do we get rid of it?

There are many ways but the one I will talk about today is "morning pages".

Sometimes writers block is caused by a brain that's too busy. That has too much going on to sit back and draft a story. So one way to break the block caused by a busy or distracted brain is to take paper and pen or sit with a blank screen and just write. For a specific time say, maybe fifteen minutes you just write. Not your story, not anything scripted or even story related. Maybe its just your to do list for the day or your grocery list. Maybe its just venting. Maybe its bad limericks. Who knows?

Whatever it is it does something to the brain and frees up the creative parts and allows you to dip into the muse.

What do you do to get rid of writers block?

The path to wisdom is not always straight

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Keith N Fisher said...

Writer's block? what's that? I have too many real life distractions. :) Seriously, I just keep working on the project. It's slow at times, but eventually it begins to flow and I fall into "the zone".