Saturday, May 18, 2013

Getting Caught Up & Your Public You

By Keith N Fisher

In 2006, after accepting the invitation to post on this blog, I started writing my articles with a vengeance. I had a backlog. It was a matter of picking and choosing which one to post. I never missed a week. Over the years, I’ve gotten behind.

I’ve got a backlog again. I didn’t know why at the time, but I sat down one day and wrote one post after another. I have a backlog again and now I know why. There are big things in the works and I'll tell you about it later. This post was originally written May first.

Your Public You

How is your writing coming? I have a friend in the retail side of publishing. She lives down the street. She asks me how my writing is going. I tell her fine. I don’t tell her about the times when I get discouraged.

As a purveyor of writing wisdom, (I write for a blog about writing), I want to offer advice you can use. I want to put concepts in your head that will help you in your writing endeavor.

As such, let me suggest keeping it to yourself. Discouragement will come. Trust me, it will come. You can tell your close, writing friends because they care about you and will understand, but if it all possible try to present an image of yourself complete with living the dream.

Why? You ask.

In the nineteen seventies, when I first started to write, authors were a reclusive bunch. They were never expected to promote anything. Publishers did that. Those days have passed into the dark ages, along with the twentieth century. Now you must promote yourself and your work. If you don’t, there are many writers who will pass you by.

You must promote your brand, and discouragement is never part of that brand. Would you purchase a house from someone who told you about how hard it had been to pay the mortgage? Would you buy a car from someone who told you how they couldn’t make the payments. The answer to both these questions is no. You want to hear how cool it would be to drive that car up highway 101 on the California Coast.

You want to hear about the backyard parties, and Family barbecues you could have in your new house. You want to hear about how easy it would be to add a swimming pool, and how the snow practically removes itself.

I’m not talking about misrepresentation. I’m talking about presenting your brand in a positive light. How you see yourself is how agents and publishers will see you. Like when you ask the seller of that house, "Then why are you selling?" Agents will know you suffer from discouragement. It’s part of the job. Readers on the other hand, are drawn to writers who are positive and make people feel good about themselves.

I don’t want you think it will be easy. It’s excruciatingly difficult sometimes, but its easier if you remember there is a public you, and a private you. Make sure the public you is living the dream. In reality, that’s what you’re selling anyway. A bag full of beautiful dreams bound in a cool cover.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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