Sunday, June 23, 2013

Better Late than Never, Right?


I'm Weston Elliott and I'm the newest (and one of the oldest) contributors. I was one of the original Writers Blogck bloggers when it first started, and I was absolutely thrilled when they asked me to come back! So, here I am, the new Sunday blogger! Glad to be back in such good company.

I know it's a late hour for such a post (10 pm on a Sunday) but please forgive me as I've been super sick all weekend.

Next week, I promise that I'll have a post up and ready to read first thing in the morning.

A little about me by way on introduction for those who I haven't met yet.

I was an avid writer, attended every Storymakers conference until a few years ago when we adopted a little boy. He came with a lot of challenges, so my writing and all the perks that went along with it, got set off to the side so I could dedicate my time to this precious, injured soul.  Now, years later, he's doing great and he's in school all day so I have time and a renewed desire to get back to my love of storytelling.

It's almost like starting over, but more like riding a bike. I'm a little wobbly, but the knowledge is still there. So if you find yourself asking "who the heck is this and what does she know", trust me, for all the study on writing I've done in the past, I should have a masters degree. I have been published - The Complete Novel Plotting Workbook is available on, and so is Checkin' It Twice, a Christmas Anthology that I was privileged to be part of.

I'm a happily married mother of one 9 year old son and two cats (both boys - I'm the only girl in the house!). Oregonian by birth, Californian by marriage, Utahan by sheer dumb luck. Anything else you'd like to know - just ask.

Glad to be back! See you next Sunday!