Friday, July 11, 2008

Deadlines -- Pressure or Pleasure?

by G.Parker

All my life I've wanted to be a writer. Okay...maybe not. Since I was a teenager I've wanted to write and get paid for it. Now I've finally got that chance, and all I can think about is -- deadlines.

It's sooo stressful! Writing my own blog was just a gee whiz. I wanted to be part of the new techie thing. Writing for someone else was something I'd always wanted to do -- but now that gives me three blogs I'm writing, only one of which is a relaxed 'here I am'.

I'm glad that I've been given some practice by writing on this blog. It's given me a glimpse of deadlines and commitment. We don't get anything out of this, you know, besides camaraderie and experience and some of the best friends you'll ever meet... But now I feel that pressure has doubled.

I have to admit, when I'm painting, I paint better under pressure. When it's getting down to the deadline to enter the fair and I haven't painted anything yet, let alone framed it? Man...that's the zone. That's when I can usually do my best stuff. I'm not sure it's the same for writing.

I've always felt I could write "off the cuff". I love madwrites, or addlibs, where you're given a line and have to expound on it. But that's fiction. This is reality. I'm supposed to write about a subject I love, but I find myself wondering how many different aspects of one subject can I possibly explore? What if I run out of ideas? Do I quit?

Fortunately, writing is an ongoing medium. Words can always be twisted, turned and used again and again. I don't feel that I'm one of the top bloggers on this site, but I feel that at least I'm consistent. I can stand in the shadow of the great ones, and try and learn from them; much as we're hoping to encourage you, the reader, out there in blogland.

So...once again I head into deadline weekend, and hope that something comes to inspire me.

Anyone have any ideas on how to paint still life?

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Darvell Hunt said...

I wrote for a local newspaper for two years (Lehi Free Press). I didn't do it for the money, as the pay was almost non-existent, but it was a great learning experience.

The most significant thing I learned while writing for a weekly newspaper was writing on demand. The deadline for the issue came up every week and I had to have something written by the deadline, or it didn't go to print.

Unfortunately, I have found it harder to convert the practice of deadlines to my personal writing, but I'm trying.

Good luck!