Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Rambling

By Nichole Giles

Usually, my entries for this blog go one of two ways. Either a great idea occurs to me and I have to stop whatever I’m doing and write it down quickly—be it in the middle of the night or during a shower or…whatever—or I rack my brain for days, finally come up with a line or two, and sit down to write hoping the rest will come as I go.

And now that I’m doing two other weekly blogs besides this one, ideas are even harder to come by. Or so you’d think. As it happens, I have three different topics to cover, and I intend to tackle all of them in one blog.

First thing’s first. Danyelle Ferguson did a book review the other day on J. Scott Savage’s new book, “Far World: Water Keep.” The book sounds so good, and so in my field of interest, that I am dying to read it. It’s just my luck that Danyelle’s having a contest to give away an advance reader’s copy. Since I didn’t get to review that book—and thus get an advance copy of my own—I totally had to sign up. And, by mentioning her contest here, I get two entries to the contest.

If you’re interested in getting your name put in the drawing, check out her blog at:

And since I’m mentioning Danyelle’s contest, Candace Salima is also giving away a copy of this book. To enter her contest go to:

Go ahead and enter their contests, but just so you know, I’m planning on winning one of them!

I also recently realized that Gaynell Parker is running a similar contest at:

Okay, moving on. Tristi Pinkston issued another of her famous “Book in a month” challenges. ( Of course, since I’m feeling pressured to get my book done by the end of summer, I had to jump on the bandwagon with that one. So. My original goal was three chapters a week—or—four thousand words a week.

As of writing this blog on Tuesday night, July 8th, I have written a total of 10,585 words, which translates to roughly 37 pages or three and a half chapters. Just to give you an idea about the scope of this project, I actually started this book earlier, and with the additional words and chapters I’m halfway through chapter fourteen. Each chapter is between eight and fifteen pages, which puts me somewhere near 140 pages. I’m thinking I might possibly be somewhere near the halfway point. Maybe. I’ll let you know.

So for this BIAM, I’m looking to finish a book that should end up somewhere near 75,000 words. Anyway, I’m hoping to have the entire thing finished by July 31st, so I can do final edits and get it submitted by Aug 31st. That’s my goal, anyway.

All right, now the last random topic. I am privileged to belong to an amazing group of writers. It is because of this group that I have made the contacts that have kept me updated on upcoming events like writer’s conferences, enabled me to write for Your LDS Neighborhood, and given me the wonderful opportunity to be a stop on several Virtual Blog Book Tours.

In the next month I will be participating in four:

July 18th “Room for Two” by Abel Keogh
(LDS Writer’s Blogck)
August 5th “Preparedness Principles” by Barbara Salsbury
August 7th “Surprise Packages” by Lael Littke, Carroll Morris, and Nancy Anderson
(LDS Writer’s Blogck)
August 14th “Caught in the Headlights” by Barry K. Phillips (Forward by Glen Beck.)
(LDS Writer’s Blogck)

I am thrilled and privileged to do these reviews and author interviews. Don’t forget to stop by and see what I thought of each of these books. You might even learn a little bit about the authors.

Pshew. That was a lot of stuff. Until next time, write like your life depends on it. This month, mine certainly feels that way!

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