Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Easy Road

By C. LaRene Hall

Are you complacent or casual about things, doing only that which is most convenient, and avoiding any hint of sacrifice? The easy road is not always the best way. If you only do things that are convenient, it doesn’t help you learn. Lack of sacrifice can only make you think life is easy.

So you think you’re pretty good, but why not be better? Almost everyone can do better. Taking the easy way doesn’t lead to a better life.

Avoid camping on a plateau or it may stop your progress. If you don’t accomplish anything significant and you don’t do things that are bad, you are just vegetating. You accomplish nothing. You only stand still.

Don’t compare yourself to others, only to yourself. Unless you want to be like everyone else, you should only do things that will make you accomplish what you care about and are striving to do.

Are you going in the direction you want to go? Only you know what you want from life, and only you can make it happen. The choice is yours.

I have found I have to keep striving to make my story better. If I stop, I accomplish nothing. I don’t want to be like everyone else; I want to be the best writer I can be. Yes, I’ve had many people help me along the way, but only I can make it happen.

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Keith N Fisher said...

Don't you just hate it when someone comes along that seems to be charmed and gets everything right the first time? I'm with you. I have to struggle and keep learning, getting better all the time, but it ain't easy. Thanks for the blog.