Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Will You Put in Your Wagon?

By C. LaRene Hall

Several years ago, my son’s family and I toured the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon. It was a fun experience. My grandchildren and I enjoyed an activity where we loaded our wagon with supplies. Different sizes of blocks represented the supplies and were labeled flour, sugar, gunpowder, and etc. You were supposed to load it with the supplies you thought you needed for the long journey west. The hard part was having enough room for everything you wanted to take. Maybe you think it sounds easy, but it wasn’t.

This experience makes me think of what I’ll put in my wagon. No, I’m not taking a long trek west, but many times my life is full of too many things, and I need to decide what I will spend my time doing, and what I will write about next.

What is important to one person might not be important to someone else. Everyone makes different decisions, and what you decide to put in your wagon can make a difference in how your life will turn out.

The things one person wants to write about may not interest everyone, but someone cares about the same things you do. They’ll want to read what you write. Don’t give up. Keep writing.


Anna Maria Junus said...

My laptop and external hardrive are coming with me.

It might be hard to find a plug in though.

Marsha Ward said...

Third try! Amen, Anna Maria!

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