Friday, May 20, 2011

A Consecrated Life

by G.Parker

I've been reading conference talks.  I try to read every morning while I'm waiting for my computer to come up.  I figure it's a moment when I don't have to be doing anything and I can hopefully gain something - almost like getting my scripture study in.  We are told that the conference talks are akin to scripture, so I feel I'm getting something good.  Anyway, the only perhaps 'drawback' is I'm still on last November's...

This morning I started reading the talk by Elder Christofferson - Reflections on a Consecrated Life.  It's one that really gets you thinking about what kind of life you are living.  Does my every day action show that I am a follower of Christ?  Am I an example to others of His light and gospel?  Not only that, but one of the talks I heard recently (either in church or reading the Ensign) talked about our talents.  Actually, I think it was Sunday School.  The parable of the talents, and how to each was given a certain amount and of each much was expected.

The reason I bring up both of these subjects is because to me, writing is related to both of them.  First, I believe we have been given the talent of writing to benefit our fellow men.  How we use it, develop it and proceed with it indicates how much we are trying to improve with it.  I'm way behind many of you in that aspect.  I should be working harder at it.  I am struggling to find the time - and recently, the motivation.  Second, I think it fits in with a consecrated life.  If we are striving to do the things we have been commanded, working at our talents and doing service as much as we can, then aren't we living a consecrated life?  Like we are taught in many ways, the gospel is all interrelated to everything we are.

I hope you are working to expand your talents to bring glory to the Father and His Son, and that you give the idea of a consecrated life some thought.  Have a good week and keep writing!

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