Friday, May 27, 2011


by G.Parker

I realized the other day that sometimes an author can sneak in a point of view without your even being aware of it.  They can promote a perspective that gets you thinking it's acceptable, even when it's not something your comfortable with.

That makes me a little uneasy, and also makes me realize why I want to be a writer.  I know there is a lot of unwholesome entertainment in our society today, a great many things that are not good for our youth to read, view or listen to and it's up to us as parents and I believe - as writers - to give them good alternatives.  Or should I say great?

There was an article on Yahoo the other day about a family in Canada who has decided not to tell the world the sex of their baby.  The have two other children that they have let have no guidance in 'gender' roles, so to speak.  It really strikes fear into my heart and makes me wonder what those two or three children are going to grow up thinking and becoming.  

It's my opinion that they are going to be confused and not as accepted by society as their parents think they will.  At least...normal society.  

Despite the popular notion that gender roles are society driven and cause people to be 'bigots' I disagree, and hopefully any faithful LDS person would with me.  It is necessary for our youth to know boundaries.  To have guidelines and teaching from those who love them.  If they have no idea what a good father is like, then how can they be one?  If they are never taught correct values, then how can they live them?  If morality is not a law, then who knows right from wrong?

In being a writer, we choose to give guidelines to those who read.  Even if it's only in fiction form.  We offer choice.  Which is why we're all here on the earth anyway - we all fought for it.  

Just a bit of perspective as to why what we write is important for those who read it.

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Weaver said...

Subtlety doesn't just have to be about things that we're uncomfortable. I a big fan of Brandon Sanderson as is a coworker. After she finished his new book "The Way of Kings" she commented that it could be used as the textbook for an ethics and values class. Yet the way he weaves it into the story it doesn't feel like you're being preached to.

But the lesson is still there.