Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Best Gifts

(image courtesy of twentytwowords)

by Cheri Chesley

Christmas seems to be a time of year when we search for the "perfect" gift to give someone we love. Sometimes, though, those gifts come to you.

I have a friend, LAURA. We met in Tooele when I organized the Tooele chapter of the League of UT Writers. Laura is an aspiring author and a really intelligent lady. She also happens to be a fantastic editor.

She volunteered to look over my most recent manuscript for The Tyrant King before I sent it to the publisher in January. She emailed it back to me a couple days ago. Laura's never really edited for me before, but I know from mutual friends she's thorough and insightful. I admit, I was nervous. Hearing your baby isn't beautiful is hard, but I knew this is what I wanted. I needed to know what was wrong with the manuscript BEFORE sending it to the publisher. I really need this one to be as good as I can make it.

I am so grateful for the things she pointed out, grateful for the opportunity to make the story better than it was before. I consider that edit a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you, Laura.

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