Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time . . .

by C. Michelle Jefferies

What is it actually.

We run by it, we give ourselves and others increments of it as if it was ours to own. We have too much or not enough depending on life's circumstances.

We have an exact ammount of it every day and we often times wish we had more. Or we waste it and wish for a reversal.

I am running out of time. I have my book launch coming up soon and a roughdraft that is stuck in a tent at the top of a plateau. The baby in the house is a fifty-mile an hour one-man destruction machine and I spend most of the time allowed taking care of him. NAps have diminished from a long quiet three-to four-hour thing to a one-hour get the essentials done so the house doesnt colapse thing.

So, when am I going to find time to write?

Good question, I don't know either.

Somehow I will get my poor guy down from the plateau, somehow I will finish all the DIY money saving things I planned on doing for the book launch. Somehow I will keep my house afloat and reasonably clean.

How do you get anything extra done in the face of what our lives throw at us on a daily basis? What are your strategies for writing when working out or inside the home takes up most of your time?

I'd love to hear anything that can help me.

~The path to wisdom is not always straight

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Julie Daines said...

I will say the same thing that I said when TJ complained about not having enough time. See my comment from a few days ago.

It's all about priorities. I really believe there is a time and season for all things.

Stephen Covey always said that you make time for the most important things first, and then the smaller things will filter in and fill up the gaps. By prioritizing properly, based on our own personal beliefs of what matters most, we will feel a sense of calm and accomplishment, even if some minor things get pushed to the wayside.

Also, you guys might want to consider turning off your word verification. It took me three tries to get it right. And speaking of time, that was a waste of mine. :)