Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Out!

by G.Parker

Well, I've held back for as long as I could, and now I have to say it.

My book is available!!!

Yes, I decided to do an indi publishing of an ebook for Christmas.  It's a story I self published (as in printed the pages and glued them into a little book) for my relatives about seven years ago and decided it would work in the ebook format.  I thought I'd see if it would go anywhere, you know?

Well, the first night it was up, I had five buys.  The next day I had one more.  This has been without any type of promotion AT ALL.  Of course, there hasn't been one since.  lol.  So, I thought since Donna did a post about indi publishing Wednesday, this would work for today's post.

Personally, I think the business of publishing has become a crazy world and the writer doesn't have a lot of options left for him/her.  I am of the side of self publishing.  The only problem is, as a self publisher, you have to do all the leg work.  I think ebooks are the next new horizon, but since I don't own anything to read ebooks on, and am not really in favor of getting one -- it's kind of hypocritical to say that.

If I had loads of money, I would say you could all go download it for free.  Since my pockets are not that deep, I'm afraid I'll have to just say go look at it and see what you think.  I'd welcome any comments here.  I'm thinking of adding pictures to a print version and making it more kid friendly, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, it's out there, it's live, and apparently it supposed to end up at Amazon and other sites because it passed Smashwords review.  As soon as I know that for sure, I'll let you know.

Until then, I hope you have a great weekend (count down til Christmas is only 11 days...) and keep writing.

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Weaver said...

Congrats. I have a copy!