Friday, February 22, 2013

What Characters Would You Pick?

by G.Parker

I read an article today at that talked about characters your daughter should grow up with.  It was specifically 12 characters, and broken up into ages.  I thought, really??  It made me think about the books I read when I was young, and I decided to make up my own list, because the author left off some of mine.  I'm not breaking it up into ages, because I read most of them before I was 16, and I don't remember when I first started reading.  ;)  Some of the books actually influenced my desire to become a writer.
Here it is:

1.  Laura Ingalls - Little House on the Prairie series.  I loved each and everyone of these books!  They were excellent, made even more so by the fact that it was based on real life.  I thought it showed real grit, determination, and amazing strengths.  Perhaps she wasn't mentioned because she was an actual person and the article was about fictional characters, but hey.

2.  Anne of Greengables.  -  Okay, they listed this one, but it can't be helped, she is a great character.  She has spunk, intelligence and beauty.  What more could a girl ask for?

3.  Jo March - Little Women.  I loved this book.  This is one I read several times.  I also love the movie version with Susan Sarandon as Marmie.  Great characters and family examples.

4.  Rebecca Randall - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  I loved this book, though I read it soooo long ago that I don't really remember the plot or story line.  I do remember that I liked the main character though.

5.  Sarah Crewe - The Little Princess - I still have a copy of this...I read this at least once a year for many years.  Talk about bravery and true integrity.  I love the line "just because I don't  look like a princess doesn't mean I don't need to act like one."  sigh.

6.  Polly Pepper - The 5 Little Peppers and How They Grew -  this is such a classic.  I have the original one that I got when I was little.  It's falling apart and no one could read it now, but I loved the love and kindness in this book.

7.  Mary Lennox -The Secret Garden  She was another character I loved.  I read this book over and over as well.  Bravery in the total unknown...that was Mary.

8.  Menolly - The Dragon Singer.  Okay, so this book series probably wouldn't be considered classical, and perhaps she's not the best heroine around, but she was pretty brave and had loads of courage and determination to develop her talents, even when all odds were against her.

9.  Jane Eyre - Jane Eyre.  This was such a tragic story to me.  I read this one over and over as well.  I then started writing my own versions...

10.  Kit Tyler - The Witch of Blackbird Pond.  They mentioned this one as well, but what can I say?  Another classic character and classic book.

11.  Anne Frank - the Diary of Anne Frank  This was another book that got me writing.  I loved the story of Anne and how she had such bright spirits in the face of such darkness.

12.  Meg Murry - A Wrinkle in Time - Madeline L'Engle.  I write the author's name on this one because it's such a unique name and bears mentioning.  Her books were a genre of their own.  I loved her character Meg, and many of her other ones.  The Arm of the Starfish is another great.

Well...there you have it.  Who would be your recommended heroine for an example to young women?  I'd love to hear.

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