Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A stellar opportunity

by C. Michelle Jefferies

Most writers conferences are going to cost you something. Some are under a hundred others are hundreds of dollars. Regardless of the cost, I am an advocate for Conferences. I love the classes, and workshops. I love the bookstore. (my TBR list is huge)  I LOVE the feel of being there in the same place as other writers. People who get why I appear both a little overboard crazy and reclusive at the same time.

Trust me its worth the time and money to find one and go. Or if you've found one, go repeatedly.

If you are in Utah and are itching to go to a writers conference for a great price you're in luck. Write Here in Ephiram is this Saturday and its FREE. Yes you heard me right. FREE. Its on the campus of Snow College and there will be classes, and hands on workshops. There will be authors and a bookstore. And DOOR PRIZES!  The best thing is there's no tuition. Just your gas money your lunch, (which you can brown bag it if you choose)  and money for the book store.

I will be teaching my Master Chapter Outline class, my Story Structure class, and my Martial Arts and Weapons in Writing class. Twice! I will be excited and exhausted by the end of the day. If you want a solid plan for writing a book come to these classes. with these two methods I have been able to write approximately 50K words in a month for the last three manuscripts. the system works for me it might work for you.

The path to wisdom is not always straight

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