Friday, March 01, 2013

The Media Is to Blame

by G.Parker

Okay...that title might offend some, but I think it's true.  I was listening to a radio broadcast last week and they were talking about the robbery at a Belgian airport.  The uniformed, black hooded robbers took off with 50 million dollars worth of diamonds.  Authorities figure it had to be an inside job because there was a slim window of opportunity to pull it off.  The radio announcer stated that it was pretty cool they got away with it and that perhaps they should go interview George Clooney.

Now I realized as I was listening to that, that our society has shifted it's moral compass quite a bit.  And part of it is the media's fault.  Take the movie Ocean 11, from which they were joking about George Clooney.  That movie celebrated robbery.  Of course, my husband says anyone who steals from a casino is doing a Robin Hood, but that's beside the point.  It's still wrong.

But much of what we read and see in the media promotes such behavior.  Many of our recent movies suggest that is the only way to be rich.

Sadly, we are writers, we are part of the media.  But hopefully, we can be part of the cure.  I'm sorry this is a short post, but I don't have the time to dedicate that I would if I could.  Just thought I'd leave that thought with you for the weekend.

Which part of the media do you want to be part of?

Have a good one.  ;)

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rebecca h jamison said...

I agree with you. Most of the world thinks that Americans are the way Hollywood portrays them--violent, selfish, etc. Hollywood may not think of itself as a propaganda machine, but that's what it is. We definitely need to raise the bar for our media.