Saturday, May 25, 2013

Writing on the Roof

By Keith N Fisher

As many of you know, because I work at night, it’s hard to make daytime connections. I have to adjust my schedule and sleep at odd hours. When I woke at five a.m. for the LDStorymakers Writer’s conference this year, I decided to get ready anyway.

I figured I could stop somewhere along the way and get some writing time in at a restaurant or something. On the way, I realized that I intended to park in the garage at the hotel anyway, and many of you also know, I like to write while sitting behind the wheel of my parked truck. So, I headed to the conference.

It suddenly dawned on me how cool it would be to park on the top of the parking garage and write while watching the sunrise. I drove up there, parked, pulled out my work in progress, and took a breath.

Writing is a good way to release tension but the early morning light and fresh air made it all the better. I caught movement in the corner of my eye and looked up. There were two birds standing on the hood of my truck talking to each other. It would’ve been a great picture but I reached into my bag and couldn’t find my camera. The birds flew away and I kept my eye on the impending moment when the sun would peek over the mountains. I went back to my writing and didn't get the camera out.

I had a specific moment in mind, but I got caught up in my story. Oh yeah, the words were flying off my fingertips and I wrote terrific paragraphs. While writing one of those thoughts, my perfect moment came. I finished the sentence, and reached into my bag. Yep, you guessed it. I couldn’t find my camera. I tore the bag apart looking. The moment passed, but I took pictures anyway.

The conference was terrific and I even got some writing done. I got reacquainted with old friends, made new ones, and passed the hugs around. (you’ve gotta give them to get them). The Authors Incognito mix and mingle was great. So many new faces, I want to apologize to the organizers, however. I really hate get acquainted games.

Next morning, I rose early. (Occupational hazard). I decided to try for that perfect picture again. Downtown Provo, Utah, on a Saturday morning, before sunrise, is a different world. I’ve been in other places where the hustle and bustle never quits, but the quiet on that morning, impressed me. I got some quality writing done and I was ready for the moment. What do you think of the pictures? Yeah, good thing I’m a writer and not a photog.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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Leslie said...

Wasn't Storymakers a wonderful conference?! I loved every minute of it. Didn't get to meet you, but next year perhaps? And I love your photo of the Y mountain. Just beautiful.